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Sharon Wozniak Spencer




2017 MFA, Drawing and Painting, The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

1995 MA, Art Education, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

1992 graduate studies, Art Education, Towson State University, Towson, MD

1991 graduate studies, Art studio, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

1990 BA, Fine Arts, University of Maryland, College Park, MD


2017 Internship awarded, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC

2015-2018 Artist in Residency, Artist working with The Hope Center, Wilmington, NC

1994-1995 Art history teacher assistant fellowship, Ohio State University, OH

Collegiate Career Accomplishments

2022 Eden Village- created a community service project for CFCC cross curricular Phi Theta Kappa, EWD, Health Field, and the Arts-ongoing project

2022 Group Facilitator for CFCC “College Wide Summer Workshop” technology support for all fields

2022 Speaker for the French Film Festival on Josep- the story of the Spanish Civil War and France's response to its refugee neighbors

2022 Speaker at NCCCS Fine Arts Conference- Spoke on Live, Blended, and Online Technology Support for all Arts Disciplines

2022 Grant writing proposal for Covid Relief Funds: CFCC AFA/ GRD Departments continued support through curriculum design materials for live, blended, and online. Working with Veterans Department, ACA support with articulation, AAU for articulation, additional support videos

2021 Grant Writing for Covid Relief Funds for CFCC AFA/GRD Departments to benefit students through support in curriculum design and materials for live, blended, and online. Creation of videos for all AFA/GRD student use through technology, created support page online, plaster casts resources

2021 Speaker at NCCCS Fine Arts Conference- Spoke on student success during covid and digital portfolios





Sharon Wozniak-Spencer


Professional Experience

2018-Present Cape Fear Community College, Professor, Arts Department and Graphic Design, Wilmington, NC: Courses 2D Design, Illustration, Drawing 1, and Art Appreciation

2017-Present Outschool, online instructor, curriculum design and live online art teaching,, San Francisco, CA (Illustration)

2017-Present Cameron Art Museum, curriculum design, Instructor, guest artist, teaching adults-youth, Wilmington, NC

2017 Cameron Art Museum Intern, facilitate figure classes and teaching artist, Wilmington, NC

2015-2009 Myrtle Grove Middle art instructor, students awarded both locally and nationally, Wilmington, NC

2008-2009 West Pender Middle art instructor, created first full-time program, Pender, NC

2008-1995 Spencer Arts, owner, private art instruction, consulting, commissions, working with

international families from Honda Columbus, Ohio, and Greenwich, Connecticut

1998-2000 Greenwich Catholic art instructor, created Arts Day, winner of “The Art and Long Island Sound”, assembly awards, Greenwich, CT

1995-1997 Art Instructor for Studio Z Fine Arts gallery, Adults-High School, Dublin, Ohio

1994-1995 Teaching Assistant, The Ohio State University, instruction, and curriculum design for art and music appreciation/history, Columbus, Ohio

1990-1991 Graphic Designer for Speedy Sign Frederick, Maryland. Lead designer on all text a graphic images

1988-1990 Interned in Graphic Design & Interior Design, Typeset, proofed, designed logos University of Maryland

1985-1990 Independent Graphic Designer, print advertising for businesses, t-shirts, University of Maryland


Solo Exhibitions:

2017 Faces of Courage, Cameron Art Museum, discussion, show, PR, and all print media

2015-2017 A solo artist working with Hope Center, Wilmington, NC created art show based on homelessness and displaced

1995-1997 Studio Z in Dublin, OH, Individual show



Sharon Wozniak-Spencer


Group Exhibitions:

2022 Eden Village- "Collaborative Effort for Friends in Need", CFCC College and Wilson, NC

2021 Cape Fear Community College, “Faculty Art Show”, Wilmington, NC

2021 Citrine Gallery, "Small Works", Wilmington NC

2021 Citrine Gallery, "Figure Show", Wilmington, NC

2020 ArtFields, "Art Fields Collective" Lake City, SC

2020 Cape Fear Community College, “Faculty Art Show”, Wilmington, NC

2019 Castle Corner Antiques, “People Choice Award, Cape Fear Artists”, Wilmington, NC

2019 Cape Fear Community College, “Faculty Art Show”, Wilmington, NC

2018 Expo216, “Death and Dying”, “Worries and Courage”, Wilmington, NC

2017-2018 Foxes Boxes, “Faces of Courage, and Friends Art”, Wilmington, NC

2017-2018 Cameron Art Museum: “State of the Art, Art of the State”, Wilmington, NC

2017 5th Ave. United Methodist Church, “Old Story, New Story”, Wilmington, NC

2017 Wilmington Art Association, ILM, Cameron Art Instructors Show

2017 Wabi Sabi Warehouse, “Full Frontal”, Wilmington, NC

2014 Cameron Art Museum: “State of The Art, Art of the State”, Wilmington, NC

2012 CFCI Art show and Auction at Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC

2011 Landfall Art show, Wilmington, NC

2010 Arboretum Art show, Wilmington, NC

2004 Bethel Arts Junction Gallery, Bethel, NC

Artist Groups and Workshops involved in:

2019-2021- National Portrait Society

2017-2019 Artist Workshops taught at Cameron Art Museum

2019 Azalea Festival Paint Out Guest Artist

2017-2018 Wilmington Arts Association, Wilmington, NC

2017 Foxes Boxes, “What’s Your Story Wednesday”, artists in need participated with Wozniak-Spencer

2016 Cameron Art Museum-workshop with artist Tatyana Kuilda-Painting Portraits, Wilmington, NC

2010 Featured artists for “plein air” painting at Arboretum Art Show, Wilmington, NC

2004-2007 Workshops with Adel Moros, Bethel Arts Junction lead artist, Bethel, CT

1998-2000 Silvermine Artists Guild workshops, New Cannan, CT

1997 Dublin Arts Council, Dublin, OH


Sharon Wozniak-Spencer



Kathie Lee, CFCC Faculty Spotlight, CFCC Art Instructor Uses Artworks to Help Build A Village

Cheril Lee, The Wilma Daniels Gallery at CFCC is presenting EV a Collective Exhibition-9/02

Cooper Govoreau, Local Artists Sell their Art to Benefit the Homeless, July 19, 2022

Peyton Furtado "Art Gallery Helps Connect Homeless with Healthcare, Nonprofit with Funds and Platform" July 22, 2022

Peyton Furtado, CFCC Gallery will give 100% of it's Commission to Eden Village, July 20, 2022

CFCC's Art Exhibit Aims at Supporting the Homeless Community by WWAY News, July 18, 2022

Connor DelPrete, “Homeless and Poverty Stricken Express Creativity on Canvas”, WECTV Dec 15, 2017

Alex Guarino, “Faces of Courage” showcases artwork made by less fortunate, WECTV DEC 22, 2017

Ben Steelman, “Faces of Courage”, Star News, August 7, 2017 print

Ben Steelman,

Emily Truss, Dignity, Beauty, Hope, Encore Magazine, August 15, 2017, Vol. 35/Pub.6

Emily Truss,

Connor DelPrete, “Portraits of Poverty”, WECTV, July 26, 2017

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