Artist Biography

Sharon Wozniak-Spencer grew up in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC. She was influenced heavily by her mother's interest in art and frequent trips to the museums. This created a desire for Sharon to earn her BFA from art school at The University of Maryland, where she graduated in 1990. She continued to pursue an MA in art education at The Ohio State University and graduated in 1996. The degree afforded Sharon to teach at The Ohio State University as a teaching assistant and at local art galleries.

Sharon continued to be heavily involved in pursuing her own art career, through shows at The Cameron Art Museum, Land Fall Art Show, and The Arboretum Art Show. In order to develop her art even further, she decided to pursue her MFA at The San Francisco Academy of Art University, where she graduated in 2017.


While at AAU, Sharon was as an artist in resident at the Hope Center in Wilmington, NC, where she created a series of paintings about "friends in need" and interned at The Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC. Since graduation Sharon has been in a several art shows helping those in need through her work, at Cameron Art Museum solo show, Foxes Boxes, Expo 219, and Eden Village A Collective Exhibition. 


Currently Sharon is a professor for the art department at Cape Fear Community College, a teaching artist for the Cameron Art Museum, and continues to volunteer. Her latest venture is helping Eden Village raise money for the tiny homes with her art collaborations and current group show that Wozniak-Spencer carefully organized and presented. Sharon has also continued with her original love of landscapes, and the figure.  Currently she has been showing at Citrene Gallery, the Wilma Daniels Gallery, and ArtFields in South Carolina. Sharon paints portraits professionally as well as landscapes and has her own business through SWS Gallery/ Studio where she is often working, teaching, or showing her work.

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